Professional Development & Consultation

Professional Development

Therapeutic Alliance, LLC believes in order to be a cutting edge practitioner, one is to obtain expert consultation, continuing education, individual study, and training.  Therapeutic Alliance, LLC provides clinical consultation to to practitioners and clinicians beyond clinical supervision. Clinical consultation is defined as interaction between an expert or professional who possesses a particular competence in a area to be discussed, and the consultee, who has particular problem or question regarding treatment, intervention, or the management of a case. There are three types of consultations: 1) Clinical Case Consultation, 2) Consultee Focused Case Consultation, and 3) Professional Development Consultation. 

Clinical Case Consultation 
This type of consultation focuses on the patient/client and not on the consultee/practitioner. The consultee describes the case and clinical situation that prompted the consultation 

This type of consultation address the following:
1) additional information is needed (beyond the consultee knowledge)
2) problems occur in treatment that requires an expert opinion (e.g. substance use present itself in marriage counseling) 
3) the consultee want to promote clinical decision making and patient well-fare. 

Consultee Focused Clinical Case Consultation
This type of type of consultation focuses on the practitioner, and not the patient/client. The focus is to enhance the consultee knowledge and skills

This type of consultation address the following:
1) professional work problems 
2) cases that challenged the consultee's objectivity and effectives. 
3) consultee has limited experiences with the clinical issues involved or implementation of a treatment protocol (e.g. substance use)

Consultee-Focused Professional Development 
This type of consultation focus on the development of competence of the consultee that applies to multiple cases. 

This type of consultation address the following:
1) improving clinical fundamentals (i.e. diagnostic interview, treatment planning, counseling, crisis intervention, etc)
2) specifically learning a new therapeutic approach and how to implement it. 
3) improve the consultee's skill set of a therapeutic approach (e.g. somatic experiencing) 
4) education, training, and development a clinical program 




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